Rack Oven Small - Rotary Rack Ovens - brand
How it works
  • Face, internal and external panels in stainless steel
  • Heat generated by diesel burner
  • Diesel consumption : 2kg/hr
  • Rack size : 66 x 46cm
Make: Forni Fiorini
Extremely versatile which adapts perfectly to the most diverse products and different processing systems. Devices guarantee easy manoeuvring even by non qualified personnel. Maximum efficiency gives low consumption and significant energy savings. The structure favours an optimal usage of thermal exchange ensuring long production life for the machine.
Approximate Production Per Batch
Bread loaves    
450g open top 450g closed top 1kg closed top
70 loaves 90 loaves 36 loaves
Cakes Pastries Buns
3kg per tray 15 - 24 per tray 15 - 24 per tray
  • Heat generation by gas or electric
  • Rack size : 60 x 40cm / 65 x 45cm
  • Oven with revolving platform
  • Oven with heavy duty gear box for heavy loads
  • Computerised control panel
  • Rack levels : 9 - 18