G1100 - Convection Ovens -
How it works
  • Gas operated
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 3 hour cook n hold timer
  • 1 hour bake timer
  • Thermostat variable 50C to 275C
  • Water injection
  • Supplied with five racks
  • Oven rack size : 710mm x 525mm
  • Dimensions : W 1005mm x D 980mm x H 1390mm
Make: Forni Fiorini
Thanks to Moffat Blue Seal Convection ovens, cooking is far more easier than before. Like Conventional or still ovens work which working by rising the air temperature inside a closed area. The temperature of the product inside that area is then raised carrying out the cooking process. The main problem always been that a layer of cold air remain around the product. But in Moffat turbofan convection ovens, the turbulence created by the fan moves air in a smooth continuous flow around the oven stripping away from the product that layer of cold air and quickly replacing it with warm air. as a result cooking times in turbofan oven reduce by 1/3 & cooking temperature reduce by 30c. As a result turbofan ovens are ideal baking & roasting any kind of food.
Approximate Production Per Batch
Bread loaves    
450g open top 450g closed top 1kg closed top
24 loaves 24 loaves 12 loaves
Cakes Pastries Buns
3kg per tray 15 - 24 per tray 15 - 24 per tray
  • Electrically operated
  • Stacking kit
  • Castors