Nettuno - Deck Ovens -
How it works
  • Oven at 4 chambers
  • Complete with 4 doors of cm. 82 with opening towards the top
  • Equipped with one steamer for each deck placed along the tubes in contact with the base of the oven
  • Electromechanical control panel timers
Make: Forni Fiorini
The Nettuno oven is a compact oven which still has all the features of a traditional oven. Its insulation provides even temperatures and optimal distribution of heat, while still containing running costs. The quality of primary materials used in its manufacture combine with latest generation technology to make this oven the ideal choice for the modern bakery, offering secure and long lasting operation.
Approximate Production Per Batch
40 - 48kg per batch (8 nos of 75 x 55cm trays)
French Bread
64 - 80 ber batch
  • Heat generation by gas
  • Computerised control panel