CM3100 - Conical Rounder -
How it works
  • Electricity Type - 3ph/380V/50Hz N+PE
  • Electric power - 1.1kw
  • Rounding weight - 40/1100
  • Capacity - 700 - 2200
  • Dimension - (W) 985mm x (D) 985mm x (H) 1420mm
  • Machine weight 260kg
Make: Forni Fiorini
Dough Rounder is used to round the dough coming from the divider. Rounding is generated by the proceed of the dough between the aluminium canals and the aluminium conic body of the rounder. It is produced in two types as fixed and adjustable canals.Depending on the preference it can either be with a painted body or stainless steel body. It has the feature of adjustable flour sprinkling system preventing to stick which is also designed to be silent. It also has the option of teflon coating for canals and conic. The machine can be fixed with the adjustable plastic legs. There is also a brush under the conic enabling to collect the flour and save it in a collector.