PM280 - Intermediate Proofer -
How it works
  • Electric Power : 0.37kw
  • Height of Machine : 2260mm
  • Number of Pockets : 280
  • Dough Inlet Height : 900mm
  • Depth of Machine : 2325mm
  • Dough Exit Height : 1200
  • Capacity (max) : 2800 Pcs
  • Weight Range : 150 - 650g
  • Approximate Resting Time : 8 - 10min
  • Processing rollers are adequate for food safety.
Make: Forni Fiorini
It provides proofing for dough that comes from dough rounding machine, before giving the final shape. Because it is modular it is easy to disassemble. With the perfect timing of these machines, each piece of dough falls to suitable pocket in proofer. After each tour dough is transferred to next pocket. Machine can be produced right or left output depending on demand. Also 620 or 820 pocket proofers can be produced with double inlet, double outlet options. In PM Series Proofers plastic pockets are used which are conforming to health regulations and can be cleaned easily. These pockets can easily be changed. It has electrical panel which works for itself as well as connected with volumetric divider, rounder and long moulder machine. As an option; electronical speed adjustment, circulation fan and heater can be purchased.
  • Processing rollers are adequate for food safety.