LM3000 - Long Molder -
How it works
  • Electric Power : 1.1kw
  • Number of Rolls : 4
  • Height of Machine : 1180mm
  • Width of Machine : 685mm
  • Depth of Machine : 2115mm
  • Processing Pillow Number : 2
  • Dough Inlet Height : 1180mm
  • Dough Exit Height : 785mm
  • Capacity (max) : 2400
Make: Forni Fiorini
Long moulder gives the dough its final shape. The dough which is coming from the proofer, is sheeted with the cylinders, after that the dough falling to conveyor takes the form of baton (bakeries) passing through pillows. On machine there are four rollers and these intervals can be adjusted infinitely variable from 0-25 mm. Maximum shaping length is 420 mm. As it is wheeled it is mobile. As an option electronic speed adjustment unit can be purchased.